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Saigon food Tour - mid autunm festival

XO Tour vs Saigon Buddy Tour –  two trusted motorbike tours

We here at Saigon Buddy Tours are aware that we are not the only motorbike tour operator here in Saigon. In fact, we have some pretty stiff competition out there, and there is definitely competition for customers, but that’s good for the consumer right?saigon buddy tours logo

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So I am going to have look at one of our competitors – XO Tour.  The setup is similar to Saigon Buddy Tours in that they offer motorbike tours of Ho Chi Minh City. Let’s have a look in detail about what they offer and how it compares to SBT.


XO Tour offers 4 tours which is the same as Saigon Buddy Tours, a sightseeing tour, a food tour, a shopping tour and a night time tour. 

Saigon Buddy Tours VS XO Tour

Saigon Buddy Tours doesn’t have the night time or shopping tour but instead has a unique to Vietnam craft beer tour and a custom tour.

XO Tour and Saigon Buddy Tours are roughly similar here.  The Saigon Buddy Tours sightseeing tour is an hour longer, and the street food tour is actually half an hour shorter than the equivalent from XO.


The XO Tour and the Saigon Buddy Tour are again roughly similar. The premise is that you ride around the city on the back of a motorbike and your guide shows you around. 

SaigonTour - Ho Chi Minh City Tours

There are a couple of important differences – XO Tour only employs female guides and will only select attractive guides. 


Saigon Buddy Tours guides are both boys and girls and are selected based on their enthusiasm and personality not on their looks.  The guides from the XO also wear the Ao Dai, the traditional Vietnamese tight fitting dress, Saigon Buddies wear jeans and a t-shirt.

Price between XO Tour Vs Saigon Buddy Tour

Here is where the big difference lies.  Saigon Buddy Tours are considerably better value than XO tour.  The standard sightseeing tour from XO  is currently $42 for a 3-hour tour.  The equivalent tour from Saigon Buddy Tours is $40 for a 4-hour tour which also includes lunch.  The difference is even greater on the food tour with the XO Tour costing $72 and the Saigon Buddy Tour costing $45. The XO Tour is slightly longer but the amount and quality of the stops is very similar.


Two remarkably similar tours, both good quality offering an insight into the city or a mouth-watering culinary exploration – the only place you could split them is on price with Saigon Buddy Tours being much better value than XO Tour.

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