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vietnam's best beaches - da nang

Many people coming to Vietnam will be doing so for a cultural experience, to sample the way of life, the food, the scenery and the history.  However, let’s not forget Vietnam has an amazing 2000 mile plus coastline and some great places to spend some time relaxing on the beach, so where are Vietnam’s best beaches?

Lets talk about Vietnam’s best beaches in the South 

Phu Quoc Island 

vietnam's best beaches - phu quoc

A 1-hour flight from HCMC or a 3-hour boat journey from Rach Gia (itself a long trip from HCMC) Pho Quoc is a tear shaped island in the gulf of Thailand, it’s actually closer to Cambodia than Vietnam. It’s not a huge place, and two of Vietnam’s best beaches run down the western coast of the island, this is where you will find the majority of the resorts, hotels and guesthouses.

Mui Ne

vietnam's best beaches - mui ne

Around 5 hrs on the train from HCMC this is definitely one of Vietnam’s best beaches, close to the town of Phan Thiet.  There are many resorts here and this small stretch of coastline has many kite surfing schools and hosts international competitions.  Very popular with Russian tourists in recent times. Not only does it have one of Vietnam’s best beaches but also produces some of the best Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) in Vietnam.

Nha Trang

vietnam's best beaches - nha trang

One of Vietnam’s best beaches is here and also a large city that has a well-defined tourist scene.  The beach is right next to the town centre too.  There are lots of choices for accommodation, Nha Trang has its own airport and is on the North South rail line, making a really easy place to get to.

Some Vietnam’s best beaches in Central areas

Hoi An

vietnam's best beaches - hoi an

Hoi An is more well known for its Unesco listed status for its old town.  6 km to the east however is one of Vietnam’s best beaches. beautiful and secluded beach and an easy taxi or Xe Om ride from the town.  Hoi An is well worth a visit for these two things combined, and easily reached by train, bus or by air, flying into Da Nang.

Da Nang

vietnam's best beaches - da nang

Although Da Nang is a major city it has a very long and beautiful beach, this is of interest not only to those who like relaxing on the sand but also fans of military history will find lots of points of interest here to as a legacy from the American / Vietnam war.

So mostly I have written about Vietnam’s best beaches in the South and Central areas – I’ll try and add some in the North at a later date.

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