Top 4 Ho Chi Minh sightseeing for travellers

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Recommendations for Ho Chi Minh sightseeing that are not included on a Saigon Buddy Tour.

Here at Saigon Buddy Tours we like to think we have the best Ho Chi Minh sightseeing tours at the best value, and of course we’re right. However, we can’t take you everywhere and show you everything, so see below for some must see attractions that aren’t included in a Ho Chi Minh sightseeing tour from Saigon Buddy Tours.

Ho Chi Minh sightseeing: Cu Chi Tunnels

A day trip to the tunnels is high on many visitor’s Ho Chi Minh sightseeing agenda when they come to Saigon. The tunnels were built by Viet Cong forces and used to hide soldiers, supplies and Ammo etc. from the South Vietnamese and U.S troops.

cu-chi-tunnel-ho chi minh sightseeing

If military history interests you – they should definitely be on your itinerary. The town of Cu Chi is around 2 hours’ drive along a busy highway from HCMC. We don’t offer a trip by motorbike to Cu Chi as it’s not the best way to get there, our Ho Chi Minh sightseeing focuses on the sights and sounds of the city. You can find many trips online, and many of the travel agents in and around Ben Thanh Market will sell you a trip to the tunnels, which leads us neatly onto …..

Ho Chi Minh sightseeing: Ben Thanh Market 

Please don’t book a tour or trip that has Ben Thanh Market on the itinerary (unless you have one day for a shore excursion). It’s like booking a tour to visit your next door neighbor. Ben Thanh market is an important part of a Ho Chi Minh Sightseeing experience but anybody offering this on a tour really isn’t working hard to earn their money.

ben thanh market - Ho Chi Minh Sightseeing

It sits right in the centre of downtown and will be no more than 10 minutes’ walk from your hotel. I would recommend that you see it as part of your Ho Chi Minh sightseeing itinerary and to maybe pick up some presents or souvenirs, but Ben Thanh has long since given up any pretense of being a local market, and now exits almost purely for tourists

Ho Chi Minh sightseeing: Mekong Delta

There are some great day trips, and some longer trips, to be experienced into the Mekong Delta. I wouldn’t include this as strictly Ho Chi Minh sightseeing as its outside the environs of the city.

mekong delta - ho chi minh sightseeing

Obviously this is too far to travel on our bikes, it can be done on bigger bikes but of course the best way is by boat. You can see the floating markets at Can Tho and My Tho and traditional life in the fishing villages.

Ho Chi Minh sightseeing: Re-unification Palace 

The Re-Unification palace (formerly the presidential palace) is well worth a visit. Inside the place has hardly changed since the end of the war in 1975. You will probably recognize the palace from the photos of the North Vietnamese tanks as they crashed through the gates to bring about and end to the war.

ho chi minh sightseeing

We don’t include this on Ho Chi Minh sightseeing tour as it’s so easy to get to and navigate your way around – we take you to places where you would struggle without a guide.
Many places above are a must on a Ho Chi Minh sightseeing itinerary, we don’t include them on a Saigon Buddy Tour as we take you to the hidden spots within the city for a fantastic cultural experience.

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