Ten Reasons you should take a Saigon Food Tour

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saigon food tour banh mi

Why should you take a Saigon Food Tour?

There are many reasons why you should take a Saigon Food Tour when visiting Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon Buddy Tours will show you top 10 reasons that you will never forget this exciting tour.


1. Friendly guides for your Saigon Food Tour

Our Saigon Food Tour has the friendliest guides around.  All our guides are fluent in English and love meeting foreigners and talking with them – on our tour the company is as good as the food.

2. Banh Mi – the best Saigon Street food

The best Banh Mi in Saigon.  Surely everybody has heard of Banh Mi by now, the BBC even acclaimed it as the world’s best sandwich. On our Ho Chi Minh Food Tour, we stop for the best Banh Mi in Saigon – where’s that you say? Come with us and we will show you.

saigon food tour banh mi

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3. Be at one with the traffic

You have seen the traffic whizzing by and you know you want to be a part of it rather than just watch. Our Buddies have been riding bikes since they were kids and will guide you effortlessly through the traffic on our Saigon Food Tour.

4. A special Saigon Food Tour with Banh Khot

Individual rice flour pancakes, cooked in their own special mold, served with Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) and vegetables, a specialty of Vung Tau truly unique to Vietnam and we take you to a great spot for these on our Saigon Food Tour.

saigon food tour - banh khot

Banh Khot

5. Leave the tourist area behind to discover the best street food

It’s not just the food that makes a Saigon Food Tour, the trip takes you out of the tourist areas to see real Vietnamese life and culture.  We go deep into Saigon’s outlying districts to taste food made by locals for locals

6. Be a chef in your Saigon Food Tour

On our Ho Chi Minh Food Tour, you can try your hand at cooking your own food.  When we stop for Banh Xeo, you can try making your own, or just have a laugh watching your friends try to do this

saigon food tour - banh mi

7. Everybody is welcome

Travelling can be a pain if you have specific food requirements, however, on our Saigon Food Tour, you don’t have to worry about that at all.  Gluten free, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, don’t eat pork, fish, peanuts! We have it all covered, we can take the hassle out worrying about what’s in your dish and leave you to concentrate on the best food in Saigon.

8. Goi Cuon a part of Saigon Food Tour

Summer rolls as they are called in the west, it’s about as healthy as food gets.  Fresh veggies, shrimp, and pork in rice paper rolls served with dipping sauces – all included on our Saigon Food Tour


9. It’s so convenient

We pick you up at your hotel, we drop you off at your hotel. You don’t have to wait for a bus or all the other passengers – our Ho Chi Minh Food Tour really is as easy as it gets, you just concentrate on the great food and company

10. Value for Money

How do we manage to keep the price down to of our Saigon Food Tour at just $45? It’s excellent value, including all food, drink 4 hours with your own tour guide, insurance.  No hidden extras (like some other tours) and no additional charges.

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