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One thing that always strikes the visitor to Vietnam is the popularity of the Eagles 1976 hit ‘Hotel California’ – it’s played in coffee shops, bars, Saigon Hotels, fashion shops and many other places besides. And I just don’t know why. To my knowledge though there isn’t an actual Hotel California in Ho Chi Minh City Tour.

So you don’t have to worry about checking in and then never leaving.  You also won’t have to worry about finding Saigon Hotels – the city is packed with them, catering to all budgets.  If you have ever had to travel last minute and found yourself struggling to get a hotel in your price range or even get a room at all, I can promise you that will NEVER happen in Ho Chi Minh City tour.  We have the whole range of Saigon Hotels here from a bed in a dorm up to penthouse suites at the Sheraton and everything in between.

Saigon hotels – where to stay ( advised by Ho Chi Minh City Tour)

Most tourists are going to look for Saigon Hotels in one of two places for their Ho Chi Minh City Tour. Either Central HCMC in the area around Ben Thanh Market in District 1 or what is known as the Backpacker area (Tay Ba Lo in Vietnamese if you’re interested) around Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien Streets – it’s still in D1 but around 1km to the west of the center. If you should want to stay in outlying districts for any reason (maybe near the airport) you will not struggle to find Saigon Hotels in ANY district, I can’t emphasize enough – they are literally everywhere.

Saigon Hotels - bui Vien Street

Saigon hotels – what to expect ( advised by Ho Chi Minh City Tour)

So what’s this going to set you back and what kind of ding do you get for your Dong (Dong is the currency of Vietnam – did you see what I did there?).  From personal experience budget, Saigon Hotels are ok, the least you expect is cleanliness and security and you will get that even at the cheapest places.  A bed in a room with a fan, a working shower and a door that locks is pretty much the minimum I would want. A good thing in your Ho Chi Minh City Tour is pretty much all Saigon Hotels are going to give you free Wi-Fi too. The absolute lowest night in your own room you will get is around $10 per night. That might not guarantee a window in your room and probably won’t include breakfast. But hey what’s that? A couple of lattes from Starbucks? let’s not grumble here. If you really want to squeeze every last cent/penny out of your trip you can go to a bed in a dorm as, and this is something a lot of backpackers do – however this is going to run you about $6 – 8, for me I’d rather check the available Saigon Hotels and pay the extra 4 bucks for my own room and save elsewhere.

saigon hotels - bali hotel

Bali Hotel on Bui Vien Street

Saigon hotels – how to get a deal ( advised by Ho Chi Minh City Tour)

Should you book your Saigon Hotels in advance or try and score a cheap room by going for a walk up the rate at a place that has rooms to sell? Good question! In my experience you can get some deals this way – and if you arrive looking for Saigon Hotels in the backpacker’s area in HCMC on the bus or even on foot, you are more than likely going to be approached by someone trying to fix you up a room.  Now if you have the patience you can make this work – ask to see the room, enquire about the rate, and there’s nothing to stop you asking for a reduction – as Saigon Hotels sometimes have rooms spare they might compromise with you.  If not head on to the next place – this place has hundreds of hotels in just a few streets.  One thing I will say is to try and keep it polite, and remember this is their living.

Let’s have a look at some Saigon Hotels below for your Ho Chi Minh City Tour. See what we can get (and yes I did personally ask for the walk up rate at each hotel!!)

Saigon Hotels – Comparison Chart


Some appealing deals on Saigon Hotels there, I would say, however, the star rating system can be a bit arbitrary. All prices were found on internet booking sites on the weekend of 16th April. I don’t believe for a minute that the standard cost of the Lien Thanh Hotel is $135.  For a gauge of the quality of various Saigon Hotels, you will be much better off checking a review site such as TripAdvisor as opposed to trusting the star rating – but you knew that already didn’t you? You scamp! In summary, you will not struggle to find a good room for a reasonable price with even the smallest of effort.

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