Saigon Food Tour in the Mid – Autumn Festival

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saigon food tour mid autunm festival

Saigon Food Tour in the Mid – Autumn Festival

It is almost 1 month left until the Mid – Autumn Festival. If you do not know what this festival is, check out some interesting facts ,which Saigon Food Tour will show you below.

The Mid – Autumn Festival in Saigon Food Tour’s point of views

This is a festival of Vietnam which is held on full moon day (15th) of 8th Lunar month. Concurrently it is one of the most favourite festivals of Vietnamese children after Lunar New Year. They can eat a lot of moon cakes, hold various colourful lanterns and get donated gifts.

Saigon food Tour - mid autunm festival

Besides Tet Holiday, Moon Festival is time for family reunions. Every year when the feast comes, people always come back home wherever they are to celebrate with their families and have grand dinner with moon cakes and a variety of delicious dishes. It feels like everyone has their own Saigon Food Tour at home.

The best part in the Mid – Autumn Festival (in Saigon Food Tour way)

You must make your own Saigon Food Tour if you are joining in the Full Moon Days Ho Chi Minh City. There are a lot of Chinese food served in this festival, especially moon cake. It is filled buttery dough with a sweet paste, and has various flavours such as beans, lotus seed paste, vegetables, seafood etc. with one or two salted egg yolk inside.

saigon food tour mid autunm festival

A month before Moon Festival, there are a lot of mooncake stands every where in Saigon. People usually buy a decorated box with 4 cakes inside for their families, friends or relatives to send best wishes and express familial love. Eating moon cakes together under the full moon is the best moment of the united family.

The differents between kids and adults in Moon Festival (realized by Saigon Food Tour)

The most different way between the young and the old is the way to make the most of Mid – Autumn Festival, let’s make it clear with Saigon Food Tour.  Children usually hold the lanterns or masks in a long line along with other kids and parade noisily through all the streets. Then they garther at a big yard and watch lion dance – a common kind of dance in some major festivals.

Saigon food Tour - mid autunm festival

On the other hand, adults do not like to join that games anymore. They just sit back , chat each other and watch the children parade through the streets. Besides, children’s favourite kind of moon cakes is also different from the adults’ one. They love cakes which have sweet flavors, however the older like to appreciate the mixture one.

Finally, if you are a traveler, come to Vietnam and have the best Mid – Autumn Saigon Food Tour of your own. Happy Full Moon Day everyone!

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