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July 13 2016 / 3 Comments
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The ever increasing popularity of craft beer seems to show no signs of slowing down, and even here in Saigon the craft beer phenomenon keeps on growing. So how and where do you get your Saigon Craft Beer fix?

Saigon Craft Beer in the heart of the city

Pasteur Street Brewing

Slap bang in the heart of downtown this Saigon Craft Beer stalwart was the first dedicated craft beer pub in Saigon.  The location is tricky to find if you haven’t been there before as its down a small alley off Pasteur Street.  There is parking for motorbikes but not for cars (which is pretty much standard for Saigon).

The bar itself is up a flight of narrow stairs, it’s not the biggest room with seating for about 15 – 20 people and some room for standing.  At the time of writing there are 9 beers on tap with a few fruity selections thrown in there.  In terms of Saigon Craft Beer Pasteur Street isn’t the cheapest option.  A 500 ml ‘Growler’ (me either) will cost you around $7.20 / £5.20 – that’s pretty steep in my opinion. Having said that I do recommend the Passion Fruit Wheat Ale (5%) as it is delicious. They do have a menu here with some quite fancy items with fancy pricing to match, Chicken pieces with milk and honey bread and buttermilk dip, $6. Can we find some better value Saigon Craft Beer?

Saigon Craft Beer -PSB

Hoa Vien Brauhaus

Whilst technically not Saigon Craft Beer, this place is worthy of inclusion as they brew their own beer on site.  It’s a Czech style beer hall with Czech / European food on offer (think sausages, pickled cabbage, mashed potato). They have a basic offering of Czech light beer (pilsner style) and Czech dark beer and there are occasionally guest beers too.  A large beer will cost you $3 / $2.50 which is pretty good value. Inside the place is really European with lots of panelled wood and old barrels around, it’s quite spacious and could easily seat 70 to 80 people. There is supervised parking outside.

It’s the oldest European brewery still in operation in Vietnam and it’s well worth checking out if you are looking for Saigon Craft Beer.

Saigon Craft Beer - HVB

Take a ride to find the best Saigon Craft Beer

Quan Ut Ut

Sitting right in downtown next to the river and roughly translated as ‘restaurant oink oink’, this place is a big old BBQ joint that’s serves a few craft ales too.  The menu is really good featuring lots and lots of porky loveliness.  However, we are here for the Saigon Craft Beer.  There are 2 ales and 1 cider (very rare for VN) on tap and various bottled options.  In terms of pricing a 500ml speciality craft beer (it changes regularly) will cost $4 / £3 which is not bad value.  If you are drinking the Cider it’s a little cheaper and for Platinum Ale which is a really nice blonde beer it will be $2.70 / £2, for a full pint (568ml), that’s pretty good value too. However, for the Saigon Craft Beer purist we should check out ……

Saigon Craft Beer - Ut Ut


Saigon Craft Beer lovers regularly pack this place out.  It’s located in District 2 quite far from the centre of town and due to its location it attracts quite a big expat crowd. They have an impressive range of ale on tap (12 on my last visit) and a selection of bottled beers and cider too.  The bar is open fronted facing on to the street and has a really nice feel to it probably as close to western style pub as you will find in Saigon.  Saigon Craft Beer prices here are similar to Quan Ut Ut and in fact the two places are owned by the same people.  A large beer is on average $3 / £2.50 but some of the stronger beers cost a little more.  There is food served here too such as bacon hot dog, nachos and fries – all in the region of $3 to $4. However, it’s the Saigon Craft Beer that makes this place so popular.

Saigon Craft Beer - biacraft

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