Ho Chi Minh Airport: a new project to meet demand

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Ho Chi Minh Airport - current

Ho Chi Minh City is experiencing rapid population increase, an increase in tourist numbers and business travelers.  The current airport has no room to expand, so the government has committed to building a new Ho Chi Minh Airport at Long Than, some 40 km east of the city center and some of the facts are staggering. we hope this new airport will welcome a greater number of visitors to take part in our Ho Chi Minh Tour!!

Ho Chi Minh Airport (Tan Son Nhat) facts and figures

  • Current capacity 25 million passengers per year
  • 2015 number of passengers 15 million
  • Ho Chi Minh Airport expected to exceed capacity by 2020

Ho Chi Minh population and visitor figures

  • Ho Chi Minh City Current population 2104 – approx. 7 million
  • Ho Chi Minh City Estimated population 2020 approx. 14 million
  • Ho Chi Minh tour number of visitors 2015 approx. 4.1 million
  • Ho Chi Minh number of forecasted visitors 2020 approx. 7 million

News about the new Ho Chi Minh Airport

In relation to the above figures, the government has brought forward the construction plans for the new Ho Chi Minh Airport to be built at Long Thanh.  The new airport has been approved and construction was originally scheduled for 3 phases beginning in 2019 and completion in 2030.

The first phase was originally due to begin in 2019 but due to land acquisition issues this may be pushed back to 2023.  Let’s not forget Vietnam can be quite bureaucratic at times and the red tape in the way of construction is quite comprehensive.

The estimated cost of the new airport will be total USD 16 billion and funding is coming from a variety of sources including the Japanese government.

Ho Chi Minh airport - Long Thanh

On a logistical level the new Ho Chi Minh airport will have 4 runways, more than 1 terminal but the actual number is not currently agreed, and will be able to handle between 50-100 million passengers per year.

One of the main advantages of the new Ho Chi Minh Airport will be connections to transport links.  Tan Son Nhat suffers from its position in that it isn’t connected to any major highways or railways, so all commuter and business traffic, and even freight has to use already congested local roads. However, in order to improve the commuting from this new airport into the city center and to have a more convenient Ho Chi Minh tour, a lot of  infrastructure improvements are required.

The new Ho Chi Minh airport at Long Khanh will be connected to the downtown via the H51 expressway for traffic and via the HCMC – Nha Trang railway for passengers.  There is also the option to extend the HCMC metro that is currently under construction out to the airport.

In short, there are many interesting things to expect from the new Ho Chi Minh airport, for a better, more convenient and exciting experience on a Ho Chi Minh tour.

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