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I am sure that if you are reading this – hello – by now you will have heard of the absolute awesomeness of Vietnamese Street Food. But what types are available at what time of the day? See below for a breakfast, lunch and dinner guide to Vietnamese Street Food – if you behave I might even throw in a snack.

Vietnamese Street Food Breakfast

Now the thing to remember is that Vietnamese Street Food encompasses pretty much all Vietnamese cuisine.  So if we mean street food as made and/or eaten at the side of the road then pretty much all types are available. So let’s dig in to breakfast first.

  • Banh Mi

I’m recommending the king of sandwiches for breakfast from the range of Vietnamese Street Food.  But because its breakfast I’ll eschew the traditional meat and veggie banh mi and we will go for banh mi op la.  This is in effect an on omelette banh mi, super convenient and tasty, the vendor will whip up a quick omelette, coat the bread with pate and mayo and stuff with the omelette, carrot, coriander and chillies too, although I ask to leave chillies out because I am soft! Vietnamese Street Food at its best and that will cost you around 50 cents / 40 pence (Brexit fluctuations notwithstanding!)

Vietnamese street food - banh mi


  • Café Da

It would be absolutely criminal of me not to point you in the direction of café da – the liquid that fuels a nation.  Vietnamese coffee – delicious, sweet and strong, served over ice.   If you buy it in a higher end café or restaurant they will make the brew there and then in the phin, the Vietnamese café filter.  If you are going Vietnamese Street Food style at the side of the road the lady will have the coffee mixture pre made to which she will add a little sugar and pour over ice.  That will set you back even less – 40 cents / 30 pence.

Have the best Vietnamese Street Food Lunch

We can have something more substantial for lunch ….

  • Com Tam

A pork chop marinated forever in lemongrass, sugar, chilli, garlic and herbs.  Served with Vietnamese broken rice, cucumber and tomato.  This is accompanied by spring onions (scallions for you my stateside buddies) lightly fried in oil, and the best part – a small dish of nuoc cham, fish sauce with a little sugar, lemon garlic and chilli. Absolutely delectable Vietnamese Street Food.

vietnamese street food - com tam

Vietnamese Street Food for dinner

  • Banh Xeo

For dinner I am going to recommend Banh Xeo.  It’s the perfect Vietnamese Street Food to have in the evening.  Banh Xeo is a rice flour pancake that is cooked over a clay pot until it is crispy, it gets its yellow colour from turmeric that is added into the mix.  The pancake is cooked with shrimp, pork or beansprout – but you can choose to leave out what you don’t like.  The pancakes are large enough to be shared amongst friends and are eaten with lots of salad and dipping sauces.  The prefect Vietnamese Street Food for socialising with friends.

vietnamese street food - banh xeo

Now you may have noticed that I didn’t mention Pho as a choice for Vietnamese Street Food.  Well done you – eyes of a hawk.  The reason for this is in my humble opinion I have always found Pho to be better in the restaurants, and in terms of pricing a great bowl of Pho such as at Pho Le on Vo Van Tan Street in HCMC won’t cost that much more than street side.  Relative to a tourist’s pocket that is.

So there you go – Vietnamese Street Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The snack? Sorry you didn’t behave well enough.

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