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Ho Chi Minh Tour by Motorbike


If you take a Ho Chi Minh Tour by motorbike – well – it does what it says on the tin! The motorbike is the primary choice of transport in Saigon and what could be better to get under the skin of the city by taking a Saigon Tour by motorbike.  Feel the wind in your face, let the driver do all the work and take in the sights and sounds of the city.
Ho Chi Minh Tour is the most interesting tours which are powered by Saigon Buddy Tours. Ho Chi Minh – The Pearl of the Orient with many famous attractions is the City that you will never forget when visiting Vietnam.

ho chi minh tour - thien hau pagoda

Ho Chi Minh City Tour offers the best tours for travelers around the world. Every Country, every place has its own beauty  and Ho Chi Minh City has too. So , what will you do when you are in Ho Chi Minh City? Let try our Ho Chi Minh Tour, Ho Chi Minh Food tour and we will show you the reason why you choose us.

Ho Chi Minh Tour – Not only a Motorbike tour


Of course, our Ho Chi Minh City Tour use motorbike as the main transportation . Our tour guides (you can call them SBT Buddies)  have been riding motorbikes since they were teenagers.


They will effortless guide you through the Ho Chi Minh City’s traffic.  Then you will know the reason why it is very strange and excited to part of them.

Friedly Ho Chi Minh Tour Guides called your Buddies

We don’t call our Buddies are Ho Chi Minh tour guides because they are the friendliest guides around.

Our tour buddies love meeting new people, and they like talking – about you about you, them, history, music, TV (most likely game of bloody thrones).  It’s a cross-cultural experience that really opens your eyes. Each guest on our Saigon Tour gets their own tour buddy who is fluent in English, most of our buddies are students and they just love to speak English with native speakers (and of course get paid).


Don’t get ripped off 

ho Chi minh tour - common vietnamese phrases - greetings

A contentious one this – I am wary of telling travelers that they are at risk of anything untoward in HCMC. It genuinely is a safe a very safe city – but occasionally – and I stress very occasionally you may get overcharged for something. Well not if you are on our Saigon Tour you don’t! We prefer to take a commission from any of the places we go to and we don’t encourage you to buy anything in the markets or streets.  If there is something you want to get on your Saigon Tour our buddies will help you all the way.


Ho Chi Minh Tour – Only $40 For each 4 hours tour

Though Saigon Buddy Tours are new but we guarantee to provide the best services for customers. Our tours include fully insured, food, drinks and funniest activities.


Moreover, we also donate 1 dollar for every Ho Chi Minh tour booked to charitable causes in Ho Chi Minh.

We also offer 4 amazing tours which are believed suitable for you:

Ho Chi Minh Food Tour : $45/4 hours/person

Ho Chi Minh Discovery Tour: $40/4 hours/person

Ho Chi Minh Craft Beer Experience: $45/ 4 hours/person

Ho Chi Minh Custom Tour: POA

Convenient to book our Ho Chi Minh Tour

For booking our tour we also offer online booking via email or on Website booking form. For the last booking, you can call us via 24/24 Hotline. You will be picked up and dropped off  at your hotel. We will pick you up on time and you don’t have to wait anymore, just enjoy and have fun with your friends and family.

Book Our Ho Chi Minh Tour now via Hotline:+84.168.724.8520 Email:, or booking online. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Saigon Buddy Tours hope to become your choice!

Ho Chi Minh Tour
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