Ho Chi Minh Tour and Best Time of Year fun fact

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Best Time of Year for a Ho Chi Minh Tour

Many visitors to Vietnam will be wondering when is the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh city for a Ho Chi Minh Tour with the excellent Saigon Buddy Tours. Let’s have look below at some influencing factors for choosing the best time to visit us for a Ho Chi Minh Tour.

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Thien Hau Pagoda

Climate in Ho Chi Minh City 


Vietnam is a long S-shaped country and can be said to have 3 different climate regions.  The North has cooler winters and hot summers, the midlands can be cooler at altitude (as can the far north) and a little cooler on the coast – we will look at the climate of HCMC however as this is where you will be coming for your Ho Chi Minh Tour.

Saigon has tropical climate defined by a wet season and dry season.  The rainy season runs from May to November and the season from December to April.  The rain can be an issue for a Ho Chi Minh Tour as when it rains sometimes (rarely) the streets can flood – if that’s the case we can wait a while or take another route.  In terms of temperature it’s hot all year round, average daytime temperatures push 30 degrees Celsius year round and rarely dip below 25. In the evening when we run our most popular Ho Chi Minh Tour things are a little cooler. The rain isn’t much of an issue but dry season is usually better for tourists.


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High Season / Low Season for Ho Chi Minh Tour

Tourist high season for Vietnam roughly corresponds with the dry season – but as Vietnam attracts many visitors from different countries there are visitors all year round and there isn’t the traditional low season that you may find in Europe.

On our Ho Chi Minh Tour, we find the flow of visitors is fairly constant with maybe a peak in around April.


Enjoy your Ho Chi Minh Tour in Vietnamese National Holidays


Tet (lunar new year) is the main Vietnamese holiday and most of the country is off work for 5 or so days (our Ho Chi Minh city Tour is open 365 days a year), however, this is restricted to mostly office workers these days and most restaurants and shops remain open.  The holiday falls in spring around February or March depending on the lunar calendar.

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Around Tet, prices may be higher for hotels and flights as many Vietnamese travels to their hometowns. Our Ho Chi Minh Tour stays the same excellent value. Christmas is celebrated in Ho Chi Minh City but no businesses close and 25th Dec is a normal working day.  Other holidays that may see increased movement and some businesses closing are Independence Day and International work day which falls on the 30th April and 1st May. Our Ho Chi Minh Tour remains unaffected.

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