Ho Chi Minh City in Numbers

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Interesting facts and figures about Ho Chi Minh City

Is this the first time you come to Ho Chi Minh City? You want to know more about it? Lets discover interesting facts about our City.

Ho Chi Minh City Infographic

Saigon City, Street Food Tours

Want to know more about Ho Chi Minh City best food?

Whenever travellers taste our best Ho Chi Minh street food called Banh Mi, they will never forget. Then what make it becomes the most delicious food in Saigon? Where it comes from? Find out some interesting information via following picture.

ho chi minh city banh mi


Our HCMC is beautiful and awesome as it has to be. Saigon Buddy Tours proudly become a part of HCMC We offer the best Saigon motorbike tour and  Saigon Food Tour . You can travel around HCMC and taste the best street food with our friendly “Buddies” on the back of a bike. For more information please contact Saigon Buddy Tour Via email: info@saigonbuddytours.com and hotline: +84 168 724 8520. We are happy to answer all your questions about Tours in Saigon or HCMC information.

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