Five outfits offering a HCMC Street Food Tour

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saigon street eat tour

Street Food Tour in Saigon – If you are visiting Saigon one of the best ways to spend an evening is to take a Street Food Tour, there are quite a few companies offering these types of tours – so how do you choose a Street Food Tour? See below for a comparison of the 5 of the operators

saigon street eat tour

saigon street eat tour

  • Saigon Street Eats

Saigon Street Eats offer 3 types of Street Food Tour.  The Pho Trail costing $55, The Seafood Trail costing $65 and Street Food 101 which costs $40 for a 3 hour tour.  Each tour looks to take in 2 different street food stops and are run by Barbara, an Aussie expat, and Vu. The method of transport is motorbike taxi or regular taxi.

  • Back of The Bike Tours

Back of the Bike Tours have an afternoon and night time Street Food Tour.  This tour is a motorbike tour and each guest is paired with an English speaking guide.  The tour lasts 4 hours and includes 5 different Vietnamese street foods, at a cost of $67. The guides are usually young people who are friendly and fun.

  • Saigon Buddy Tours

Saigon Buddy Tours is the newest of the companies on the list.  Their HCMC Street Food Tour is a 4 Hour motorbike tour, costing $45. Each guest travels with their own travel ‘buddy’ who is fluent in English.  The tour includes 7 different Vietnamese street foods and is fully inclusive.  Buddy Tours also offers the only accessible motorbike tours in Vietnam through their partnership with DRD Vietnam, a disability advocacy program.  As part of the DRD 1 for change programme Saigon Buddy Tours donates $1 on behalf of every guest who takes a Street Food Tour (or any of their tours).

  • Vietnam Vespa Adventures

Vespa adventures does what it says on the tin, it’s a fairly normal Street Food Tour with the exception being that you will be driven around on a Vespa instead of a standard bike, for this privilege you get to pay a whopping $93 (Ninety-Three Dollars!).  Vespa tours doesn’t have English speaking guides like SBT and BOTB, so you get a driver who doesn’t speak English or work as a guide, and a separate tour guide for the whole group. Group sizes can be very large.  The tour lasts 4 hours and is solely about food as it calls in at a rock music venue and a café.

  • Xo Tours

Another Street Food Tour by motorbike, Xo tours have a USP in that all their drivers are pretty girls wearing the Ao Dai, the traditional tight fitting Vietnamese dress. The set-up is similar to Vespa tours in that they have a tour leader but in this case your driver will speak English too. The Street Food Tour costs $72 and lasts 4 and a half hours and is fully inclusive.

Ho Chi Minh City Street Food Tour at a glance comparison


Vietnamese street food tour






Saigon Street Eats


3 Hours

5.30 – 8.30pm

Walking / Taxi Tour

Back of the Bike Tours


4 Hours

6.00 – 10pm

Motorbike Tour, English Speaking Guides

Saigon Buddy Tours


4 Hours

5.30 – 9.30pm

Motorbike Tour, English Speaking Guides, donates to charity for every guest

Vespa Adventures


4.5 Hours

6.00 – 10.30pm

Drivers on Vespas, 1 tour guide for whole group

XO Tours


4.5 Hours

5.30 – 10pm

Girls wear traditional tight dresses

Book our Ho Chi Minh City Street food tour to discover the best Vietnamese food:

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Video: Banh Xeo, Banh Khot – the best street foods in the South of Viet Nam


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