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A Buddy for your back of the bike tours

July 06 2016 / 2 Comments

Saigon Buddy Tours offers you the chance to see and experience the city from the perspective of a local – from the back of a bike. So what precisely about our back of the bike tours makes them a must do in Saigon? A new experience with our back of the bike tours A regular tour can often involve shuffling on to a coach, being driven 20 minutes, shuffling off the coach, straining to hear your tour…

Saigon food Tour - mid autunm festival

XO Tour vs Saigon Buddy Tour

July 04 2016 / 1 Comment

XO Tour vs Saigon Buddy Tour –  two trusted motorbike tours We here at Saigon Buddy Tours are aware that we are not the only motorbike tour operator here in Saigon. In fact, we have some pretty stiff competition out there, and there is definitely competition for customers, but that’s good for the consumer right?   So I am going to have look at one of our competitors – XO Tour.  The setup is similar to…

Vietnamese dogs

7 crazy things you will see on motorbikes on your Ho Chi Minh Tour

June 29 2016 / 3 Comments

Ho Chi Minh Tour – The motorbike is the ubiquitous form of transport here in Vietnam, it replaced the bicycle some time back and is now king of the road – but for how long? Here in HCMC the amount of 4 wheeled traffic has tangibly and visibly increased.  Yet the humble 50 or 125cc workhorse still remains the transport of choice of the majority of Saigonese.  It’s not just people these machines carry, see below…

Share an amazing experience with a Saigon Tour called “Buddy”

June 27 2016 / 3 Comments

Why do we call our Saigon Tour guides Buddies? Isn’t that a bit cheesy, a bit too new age, a bit of marketing puff? Maybe, Maybe not.  No of course not. We call our guides buddies because that’s what they are, our Saigon Tour is a little bit different to other tours you may have taken and even to other motorbike tours in Saigon. The Saigon Buddy Tour Difference The first big difference is on our…


April 26 2016 / 3 Comments

“Money’s too tight to mention” warbled Mick Hucknall, on Simply Red’s cover of the 1982 Valentine Brothers song of the same name.   I am not sure if Britain’s red-haired exponent of blue-eyed soul had a budget trip to Ho Chi Minh City in mind at the time (probably not as Vietnam was effectively closed to tourists until 1986) but let’s assume he might want to visit on a shoestring some 30 years later. If you’re reading…