saigon motorbike tour

Advantages of a Saigon Motorbike Tour

September 05 2016 / No Comments

You are a visitor and you maybe think that a traditional tour is too boring for you? Here are some benefits of of a taking Saigon Motorbike Tour. Joining a Saigon Motorbike Tour is a good idea to save time. You can visit more tourist attractions and historical monuments in Ho Chi Minh in one day. It is hard for you to get on a bus and to wait in desperation because of traffic jams. On…

saigon food tour mid autunm festival

Saigon Food Tour in the Mid – Autumn Festival

September 03 2016 / No Comments

Saigon Food Tour in the Mid – Autumn Festival It is almost 1 month left until the Mid – Autumn Festival. If you do not know what this festival is, check out some interesting facts ,which Saigon Food Tour will show you below. The Mid – Autumn Festival in Saigon Food Tour’s point of views This is a festival of Vietnam which is held on full moon day (15th) of 8th Lunar month. Concurrently it is…

Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide – your first steps

August 29 2016 / No Comments

If you are visiting Ho Chi Minh City for the first time – check out our quick and dirty Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide for arriving in style. The first part of our Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide Arriving by air is the first thing that we concern . Most people are going to want to fly in I imagine – and the best place to do that is the airport. Genius at work….

best banh mi in Saigon - feature

The best Banh mi in Saigon: some nice suggestions

August 16 2016 / No Comments

Banh Mi, the hugely popular Vietnamese baguette – what is it, and where can you find the best banh mi in Saigon? Let’s find some good banh mi for your Ho Chi Minh food tour. Banh Mi is the Vietnamese sandwich of choice, a crusty baguette filled with cold cuts of processed meat, salad, pate, Vietnamese style mayo, chili, cucumber and carrot. And soy sauce. But where to find the best banh mi in Saigon … read…

vietnam's best beaches - da nang

Top 5 Vietnam’s Best Beaches for travellers blog 1

August 13 2016 / No Comments

Many people coming to Vietnam will be doing so for a cultural experience, to sample the way of life, the food, the scenery and the history.  However, let’s not forget Vietnam has an amazing 2000 mile plus coastline and some great places to spend some time relaxing on the beach, so where are Vietnam’s best beaches? Lets talk about Vietnam’s best beaches in the South  Phu Quoc Island  A 1-hour flight from HCMC or a 3-hour…