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What are the best Vietnamese dishes? The standout cuisine you should try on your trip to Vietnam (or even a Vietnamese restaurant where you live).  We choose 4 dishes that exemplify Vietnamese cuisine – take a look at our list of best Vietnamese dishes, if you disagree let us know in the comments section.

From the famous traditional best Vietnamese dishes you may find in Saigon food tour

  • Pho King A

Pho (pronounced fur – hence the puerile joke) is absolutely one of the best Vietnamese dishes and certainly the most famous. Said to be influenced by the French ‘pot au feu’ this dish is somewhat of a breakfast staple.  A meaty stock is boiled for ages and then when it’s time for serving sliced beef brisket or other cuts are added and they cook in the broth.  Thick squidgy rice noodles, beansprouts, mint, lime and chilli all combine to make this one of the best Vietnamese dishes.

best Vietnamese dishes - pho
  • Banh Mi

Now world famous and rightly so as one the best Vietnamese dishes.  More of a snack than a meal, the classic recipe is to take a small crusty baguette, add pate, mayo, cold cuts of meat, carrot, daikon, coriander, chilli and cucumber and a touch of soy and there she blows. The best Vietnamese dishes are often the simplest.

best Vietnamese dishes - banh mi

To the more local best Vietnamese dishes

  • Banh Xeo

Included in our list of best Vietnamese dishes not just for the taste but also for its uniqueness.  Rice flour is made into a batter which is then shallow fried on a metal plate on top of a clay pot.  Beansprouts, shrimp and sometimes pork are added and just as it starts to stiffen the chef flips it over like a taco. Served with sweetened fish sauce and lots of salad.

best Vietnamese dishes - banh xeo
  • Hu Tieu

Not the most well-known but definitely one of the best Vietnamese dishes.  Originally a Cambodian dish and popular in southern Vietnam, Hu Tieu has very thin rice noodles, a stock made from pork and squid, and is served with shrimp, pork and usually a boiled quails egg.  Some places add offal too. Its served with an awesome amount of salad and herbs that the diner tears up and adds to the dish.

best Vietnamese dishes - hu tieu


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