The best Banh mi in Saigon: some nice suggestions

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best banh mi in Saigon - feature

Banh Mi, the hugely popular Vietnamese baguette – what is it, and where can you find the best banh mi in Saigon? Let’s find some good banh mi for your Ho Chi Minh food tour.

Banh Mi is the Vietnamese sandwich of choice, a crusty baguette filled with cold cuts of processed meat, salad, pate, Vietnamese style mayo, chili, cucumber and carrot. And soy sauce. But where to find the best banh mi in Saigon … read on brothers and sisters.

The best banh mi in Saigon is worth its price

Banh Mi Huynh Hoa

Le Thi Rieng Street, District 1, Hcmc – Banh Mi 33,000 VND

In the authors humble opinion, the best banh mi in Saigon and highly recommended for Ho Chi Minh food tour.  This place has queues out the door.  Its take away only – most banh mi places are.  The banh mi here are big and packed with lovely stuff, and it’s really close to the tourist areas of D1 and Pham Ngu Lao. Incidentally locals call this place ‘Banh Mi o Moi’ if you want to know why leave a q in the comments.

best banh mi in saigon - banh mi huynh hoa

The best banh mi in Saigon is not necessarily a traditional banh mi

Banh Mi Hoa Ma – Banh Mi Chao

53 Cao Thang, District 3, HCMC – around 50,000 VND

Sometimes the best banh mi in Saigon isn’t actually the traditional sandwich with fillings version.  This place which has plastic tables and chairs in a hem just off the road serves at breakfast time only. A nice treat for your Ho Chi Minh food tour in the morning. It has eggs, pork, pate and the usual accompaniments and the banh mi (bread – the literal translation of banh mi) is served separately. It’s what you might call a deconstructed banh mi – in fact some twerp has probably been on Masterchef and done just that.

best banh mi in Saigon - banh mi chao

Banh mi Chao

Incidentally I was doing some research on this blog and I typed ‘best banh mi in Saigon’ into my browser. A number of site returned Subway as a result, which you definitely would not want to include in any Ho Chi Minh food tour. Very depressing. Anyway back to the real ‘best banh mi in Saigon

Banh Mi Nong Tuan Map, 196 Pasteur, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City – around 25,000 VND

Banh Mi Tuan Map has a more diverse range of fillings than the traditional luncheon meat / cold cuts that are on offer. If you want some new breeze for banh mi on Ho Chi Minh food tour, grasp one. They have Vietnamese sausage (almost like a salami but smaller, sweeter and more gelatinous), meatballs and even duck. The banh mi here can be served hot depending on what you order.  I like this place – I would say it’s the best banh mi in Saigon but its bloody good.

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