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June 27 2016 / 3 Comments

Why do we call our Saigon Tour guides Buddies? Isn’t that a bit cheesy, a bit too new age, a bit of marketing puff?

Maybe, Maybe not.  No of course not. We call our guides buddies because that’s what they are, our Saigon Tour is a little bit different to other tours you may have taken and even to other motorbike tours in Saigon.

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The Saigon Buddy Tour Difference

The first big difference is on our Saigon tour is every guest has his or her own tour buddy.  Your buddy is your driver, your tour guide and your oracle for all the questions you have.  But most importantly – they are your buddy.  When we choose the cool people who work at Saigon Buddy Tours, the number 1 thing we look for is somebody who is friendly and enthusiastic.Jessie and Tu

It makes the difference to us and most importantly to our guests, we can teach our guys what year the church was built or the palace was completed, but we can’t teach them to be fun and friendly – they already have that when they apply. You may have seen other people offering a Saigon tour with cool bikes or traditional uniforms, you don’t pay a premium for that with Buddy Tours, that’s not our style and each and every one of our Buddies is FLUENT in English. Why does this make a difference – well just take a look at some of the quotes from previous guests on our Saigon Tour.

The following are reviews of our Saigon Tour and can be found on Saigon Buddy Tours on TripAdvisor.

My friend and I had an absolutely fantastic night on our food tour with SBT. The two local Vietnamese girls Huong and Thanh who took us around were considerate, kind and a laugh to be around. It felt like we were spending the night with friends rather than tour guides. – Deborah

My daughter and I went on the night foodie tour last night. Our guides were Anh & Huong and were the best guides ever. Everywhere we went to try the food was fantastic and the service provided by the team of Saigon Buddy Tours was truly exceptional. It really is a MUST DO in Ho Chi Minh. Thanks girls – Sandra

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The buddies were so friendly, chatting to us the whole way around and giving us a great insight into Vietnamese daily life and culture. I would recommend this tour to anyway! So reasonably priced, delicious food and the highlight of our trip! – Kate

What is a Saigon Tour like?

One of the reasons we have the Buddy mentality is that a Saigon tour is not like Paris or Rome.  You won’t come here and be blown away by the architecture or the museums, what draws people to Saigon is the culture, the food and the lifestyle.  Our Buddies really go out of their way to show their city off to you.

Like a good day our Saigon tour starts with coffee. Vietnam is famous for Café Da and Café Sua Da, that’s Iced Coffee and Iced Coffee with sweet milk.  We don’t just buy you one – we make it for you at a cool spot overlooking the skyline and we show you how to make your own. We then take you whizzing through the traffic to see Saigon at work, play and worship, taking in the market, a cathedral and a pagoda and finishing with a traditional Vietnamese lunch in one of the outlying districts. You will feel safe on the bike as you whizz through the traffic on your Saigon tour in the capable hands of your Saigon Buddy!

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