7 wonderful motorbike riding dogs in Vietnam

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doggyLet’s kick off with some night time doggy style action. This pooch is in control, eyes forward surveying the road ahead, possibly ready to let out a little bark should he see a potential hazard such as a contraflow or a bus trying to filter back into traffic after picking up passengers. Possibly not.

This cheeky chap has seen something ahead that has grabbed his attention. Maybe he has caught a whiff of beef being grilled by a roadside vendor or, perish the thought, he is not the only mutt in this jam. Either way it has momentarily distracted him from the fact that his owners have dressed him as ‘Mork’ from ‘Mork and Mindy’ (if you are under 40 you will need to ask your parents). But he will remember soon enough, and those two with the matching helmets might find a nasty surprise in their shoes.

This rascal aint gonna take no shit from nobody. He may be dressed in a sleeveless tank top but woe betide the fool who thinks that makes him a soft touch. No siree bob. Matching the steely eyed determination of the driver makes these two a force to be reckoned with, even if they do seem to have a spooky spare leg at the back of the bike. I reckon he could drive that bike on his own and probably do it a damn sight better than the Jonny come lately currently in the driver’s seat.


A little disappointing and to be honest, a fairly mundane effort from this chap. We can all sit there panting in the heat, being comfortably supported. Where’s the bravado, the panache? It’s a C- for effort and Fido only rescues a C for style with his laissez faire attitude to the whole debacle. Must try harder.


This is better, this is what puts bums on seats. What we see here is complete trust, man and beast working in tandem for the amusement of the internet. The dog, for his part, comfortable in the sitting position just checking out the losers behind him. The driver, for her part, utterly serene in the knowledge that this canine is in control. She can speed to wherever it is she needs to be, in her knock off Man City shirt, without a care in the world. Or rather maybe with several unspecified cares of various degrees of severity. We just can’t tell from a picture of a dog on a motorbike. We can merely speculate.

In a controversial move this young ginger nut has chosen to address the camera directly. The expression betrays a devil may care attitude that says “Yeah, I’m on motorbike – what of it? Mind your P’s and Q’s or I’ll be up there tout suite to learn you some manners.” Admirable.

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