7 crazy things you will see on motorbikes on your Ho Chi Minh Tour

June 29 2016 / 3 Comments
Vietnamese dogs

Ho Chi Minh Tour – The motorbike is the ubiquitous form of transport here in Vietnam, it replaced the bicycle some time back and is now king of the road – but for how long? Here in HCMC the amount of 4 wheeled traffic has tangibly and visibly increased.  Yet the humble 50 or 125cc workhorse still remains the transport of choice of the majority of Saigonese.  It’s not just people these machines carry, see below for a selection of 7 of the craziest things you will see when you are on a Ho Chi Minh Tour in Vietnam.

The whole family

Much like in the west families will often go out together to visit relatives or go to a restaurant – but with the vast majority of people not owning a car how do they get there? Bus? Maybe, Taxi?

family on mortorbike

Could do – but that might be a bit expensive.  Solution – let’s all get on the bike!  It’s becoming a rarer sight these days but it’s still not unusual to 4 or even 5 people on a bike. On a Ho Chi Minh Tour by motorbike you will see this and more.


Vietnamese dogs

Vietnamese people are dog lovers, and will take their dogs with them when they go out and about, it’s not unusual on our Ho Chi Minh Tour to come across a Vietnamese person happily whizzing down the road on their bike with a dog perched on the front seat with his paws on the handlebar.

A full load of goods being taken to market

As I said earlier there are far more bikes on the road than vans or cars.  And they are used for anything and everything and that includes transport to market.

Ho Chi Minh Tour-saigon market

On our Ho Chi Minh Tour it’s not uncommon to see a motorbike laden with watermelon, carrots, herbs and just about anything that can be bought at the market.

A restaurant

Well, not an actual restaurant with tables and chairs but a mobile food cart.

Ho Chi Minh Tour-saigon street restaurant

On a Ho Chi Minh Tour by motorbike we will see guys with a rudimentary set up on the back of their bikes powered by a battery, often with a small gas stove selling hot banh mi, or sticky rice etc – and at the end of the day they just pack up and drive home.


Ho Chi Minh Tour-animals on bike

Not one for the vegetarians but nevertheless it happens and on a Ho Chi Minh Tour it’s likely we will see animals being taken to market, ducks, geese, chickens and even the odd pig has been spotted being carried on a motorbike in HCMC.


Ho Chi Minh Tour-Window-Frames-on-a-Motorbike-in-Vietnam

Cars have windows but motorbikes don’t right? Well sometimes in Vietnam they do.  It’s not uncommon on a Ho Chi Minh Tour to see two men on a bike with a great big window sandwiched between them, the chap at the back clinching it tightly.

Spectacular Multitasking

People in HCMC seem like they have grown up on two wheels, where it used to be bicycles now the motorbike is king of the road – there are an estimated 10 million motorbikes in Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh Tour-ride motorbike

Vietnamese people are so comfortable on bikes that they feel right at home chatting on their phones, smoking, eating, reading (passengers only) on their bikes, and you will probably see one or all of these on a Ho Chi Minh Tour by motorbike.

So a Ho Chi Minh Tour by motorbike could be dangerous?

Maybe after reading the things above you will think a Ho Chi Minh Tour by motorbike is pretty dangerous, but it really isn’t, strangely there are very few traffic accidents in the city.  Principally because it’s so busy the traffic never really gets moving fast enough to be dangerous because everybody knows how it works the traffic just flows seamlessly.

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