Vietnam Travel Tips – 3 quirky things to try in Vietnam

March 15 2016 / 2 Comments

Vietnam travel tips created by Saigon Buddy tours will help you have best memorable trip when visit to Vietnam.

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Ok – so you have decided to do the right thing and visit Vietnam.  Good Decision.  So you need a bit of a heads up as to what you should do. Obviously it is an incontrovertible fact the No.1 thing to do is to visit Saigon Tour purveyors of the finest motorbike tours in Ho Chi Minh City.  With that out of the way you should consider what else you should do in Vietnam – all the guide books will tell you about Halong Bay, Sapa etc – so we will try to bring you 3 Vietnam travel tips that won’t be listed in the guide books

1 st Vietnam travel tip – Get Stuck in traffic 

Vietnam Travel tips

Vietnam Travel tips

Saigon traffic jams are a work of art.  Organised chaos at its finest. Like many countries the first lesson for anybody wanting to learn to drive in Vietnam is how to use the horn. It’s also lesson 2.  And 3.  Perversely even though the traffic looks utterly bonkers you rarely see any accidents and when they do occur they are at such a low speed that usually the worst that happens is a bit of a shouting match between drivers and in a worst case scenario one may remove his shoe and threaten the other with it. I’ve seen it happen. It was unclear whether he intended to use the shoe as a projectile or a club type weapon. Probably the former.

2 nd Vietnam travel tip – Take Advice

Vietnamese people are well known for their wonderful friendliness.  They are always on hand to give advice on any matter of subjects, irrespective of their knowledge of said subject or indeed if the person they are talking to speak the same language they do.  The number of times I have been shown how to use chopsticks – never gets old!  Okay I am being a little facetious – seriously though, Viets just seem to be keen to help all the time.  Try not to be too wary if someone offers you a seat or some tea or directions – 99.9% of the time they just want to be friendly.

3 rd Vietnam travel tip – Mot, Hai, Ba – DZO!!

Vietnamese men drinking beer - hcmc no.1 street food tour


Say what? 1,2,3 Yoohhh – it’s the Viet version of cheers, skol, prost, bottoms up.  But it isn’t the sophisticated Sante of the French. No, it’s fairly raucous – Viets don’t really drink like westerners in pubs or bars, but they drink allright (highest per capita beer consumption in SE Asia) and it’s pretty much always with food.  Groups of Viet men will gather in restaurants to eat
and drink together and this is where you will hear the toasts getting louder and louder as the night goes on.  If you have two separate groups the toasts start to get a bit competitive as they try to outdo each other, it’s great to see and even better if you can get involved. Also see ….

  • Mot Tram Phan Tram – Drink 100% of your glass
  • Khong Say Khong Ve– You can’t go home until you are drunk (a personal favourite, Mrs SBT is not so keen though).


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  • Mr.Thanh - April 20, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    Haha. The last thing is a really exactly and interesting thing about VietNamese. People always read it when they drink wine, and the louder they say, the drunker they get ^^. So funny but happy with your article.. Thank you!

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